Need Something And You Don't Know Who To Contact?

Here is information that will help you to get answers to some of the questions you might need to ask about a foster child, but don't know who to contact.

To get a Medi-Cal card for a foster child, call the Eligibility Technician (ET).  You can find the ET workers' name and phone number on any of the County paperwork that you receive almost immediately in the mail.  Top right hand corner.

To contact the CPS Hotline call (800) 344-6000  More information on the hotline here.

To contact the Placement Coordinator's Office call (858) 694-5220

To contact Foster Home Licensing (877) 792-KIDS

To contact Polinsky Children's Center (858) 514-4600

The CHILD ABUSE HOTLINE NUMBER is (800) 344-6000


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