Relatives Caring for children
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Are You Caring For Another Family Members Child?

Are you raising a relative's child?  This can be a difficult task and you are not alone.  There are 17,000 children in San Diego County being raised by relatives.  You can become a part of a support group with other relatives that are in the same situation as you.  This support group meets weekly to enourage one another and to learn how to deal with situations that arise when you are caring for other family members' children.  Learn how other relative caregivers have dealt with things such as school IEP's (Individualized Educational Plan), learning disabilities and how to receive assistance that is available to you.  For more information contact the YMCA Kinship Program below.


The YMCA Kinship Support Services Program (KSSP) assists relative caregivers (e.g. grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings) to do the best job possible to keep children safe, secure, and connected with their families. Services are provided in English and Spanish in the South Bay, North County, Coastal and Inland Regions of the county and include counseling, case management, support groups, respite, guardianship and permanency planning, and other related services. For more information visit their website or call one of the locations near you: 
Southbay:           (619) 543-9850
North Coastal:    (760) 942-9622 ext.1248
North Inland:     (760) 473-0709

Educational Information and Links

There is a variety of information relating to educational needs and access for children in care, and also links to services and resources that are available to all children enrolled in public schools.  Visit our Local Resources/Special Needs Page and Help/Educational Needs Page for access to this information.