Our hope is that we can empower you to seek the help and resources you may need, or to simply educate yourself, regarding issues involved when caring for a child in foster care.  We have "connected you" to what we feel are helpful resources by "linking you" to organizations or web sites that we feel are important or could make your job easier.  Please feel free to contact us if you know of a web site that would be beneficial to have "linked" on our site, or if you have any feedback relating to these links.

CASS (Comprehensive Assessment and Stabilization Services) Contract In Place for Foster Kids

Fred Finch Youth Center was awarded a contract by the County of San Diego Mental Health Services to provide services specifically aimed at saving out-of-home placements for children who are dependents of the court.  The program is called  CASS.  Learn more information about the CASS Program by visiting our Mental Health Page.

Did you know?

- Immunization Clinics are offered "free" for all children up to 2 years old and $10 for over age 2.  If you bring a foster child's Medi-Cal card, Medi-Cal will be billed the fee.  If they don't yet have Medi-Cal, you can still get the shot for free by signing a financial waiver form as the child is a foster child.  For locations throughout San Diego County and Immunization Clinic Hours visit the Immunization Clinic Website in English click here.  La información de la clínica de la inmunización está también disponible en español.

- If you pick up or drop off a North County foster child that is changing placements, the Assessment Center at Green Oaks Ranch in Vista is where the placement change should take place.  If you are picking up a child you will receive your placement papers and the child will receive a nursing assessment at the same time.  This will eliminate you having to track down placement papers showing you are the caregiver, the nurse will inform you of any special needs or requirements the child may have, and you will be protected should any issues arise when the child arrives at your home.  The social worker should make the arrangements with the Assessment Center, but you can do it yourself if they don't.  The phone number for the Assessment Center is (760) 598-2803.

211 San Diego

2-1-1 is the new national dialing code for free, 24-hour community, health and disaster information.  Like 9-1-1 for emergency services, 2-1-1 has been set aside by the Federal Communications Commission for the public to easily access community information.  Dial 211 or from cell phones (858) 300-1211 to access 24 hour community, health and disaster information.

Here are a few things you will find as you continue to navigate through our web site.

Trainings - A Variety of training opportunities are offered throughout San Diego County, which can fulfill your 8 hours per year of training, as required by foster home licensing.  Visit our Training Page for opportunities in your area.

Resource Centers and Foster Parent Associations are available to help with new placements, mentoring services, training classes, CPR & First Aid, and many other services.  Visit our Support Organizations Page for more information on these services.

Options For Recovery is a training specifically designed for those wishing to care for "drug and alcohol exposed" children, ages birth to 5 years.  See our Options For Recovery Page for information on how to sign up for these trainings and ongoing Support Group Information.

There is a support group for everyone.  Visit our Support Organizations Page to get a list of a wide variety of support groups and locate one in your area to fit your needs.

Links to Services and Information to help you care for your foster children is available on our Local Resources Page.  You can be linked to specialized services available, medical information resources, where you can go for emergency visits and much more.